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What is important to understand is the type of

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Unformatted text preview: schools created a high demand for teachers when there were not even enough secondary graduates to supply this demand. Many parents lost faith in sending their children to school because they did not believe they were receiving a quality education. Schools lacked sufficient classrooms, furniture, and textbooks that are necessary within formalized education. Classrooms were extremely over ­crowded, and among those that stuck with the system, approximately 80% failed the final examination to move on to secondary schooling (Wedgwood 2007). Students enrolled in the next levels of schooling had poor English competency. Since they had been forced to go through primary school using the English language, they halted the further eloquence and development of their native tongue, and learned a broken sense of the English language. This also affected the other subjects they learned in school because if they could barely understand English itself, how are they supposed to further understand subjects such as mathematics or science in a language they do not understand? The quality of the education in Tanzania has been greatly affected by this forced western education. The graph below shows that the amount of students enrolled in primary schooling within Tanzania from 1995 ­2009 has increased steadily, but once they make it through primary school, as mentioned earlier, many of them do not pass the final exam to move on towards secondary schooling. **Graph Depicting Primary School Enrollment 1995 ­2009: (Source: http://www.moe.go.tz/education/tanzania) 8 According to UNICEF, the United Nation Children’s Fund, “Education goes far beyond, schooling. Education is an essential human right, a force for social change and the single most vital element in combating povert...
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