Tanzania Paper INT 360

Tanzania Paper INT 360

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Unformatted text preview: institutional maturity as well as socio ­economic and political stability. Indigenous education was meant to reinforce the cultural solidarity of a society, however small its population may be. Many indigenous education programs, with their focus on informal and oral traditions, were founded on the great need to preserve culture and the heritage of their tribes. These tribes wanted to pass on good moral behavior, inherited knowledge, and values of the tribe from generation to generation (Mushi 2009, 43). With the rise of religious influence, namely Islam and Christianity, there became an almost unnecessary appendage to religious institutions. The education provided by indigenous tribes naturally, eventually fell by the wayside. Both Muslim and European Christian missionaries tried to force education to equip new indigenous converts with the ability to read their religious doctrines. The Christian mission was also used as a means of further spreading western culture and economy. Though 2 these institutions tried, they did not have the resources to eradicate illiteracy. This formal education system was largely used as a tool to subjugate underdeveloped nations to developed nations, while allowing for the mass exploitation of their natural resources. After independence, the government of Tanzania focused largely on development in terms of modernization, to build a nation that was socio ­ economically independent (Mushi 2009, 62). The country inherited an economically poor and illiterate society through forced formal education. Upon creation by colonialism, the school system was designed to meet the work force’s needs of the colonial regime, which created more poverty and ignorance. I believe that this legacy syste...
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