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Reading Reaction Our class was required to read Existentialism Is a Humanism by Jean-Paul Sartre because it deals with the fundamental reason to whether or not we would believe our friends who had a “faith changing experience”. The paper argues that we as humans have complete control over who we are and our destiny and mankind’s destiny. We have this power because we define who we are by our choices. So when faced with a life changing experience, as our friends experienced in our essays, from Jean-Paul’s point of view, we as friends can either choose to see the Angel (or whatever it was) or not choose to see it. Jean- Paul also makes a point of saying that even if we choose to consult higher powers to try and help us make a difficult decision (God, Parents, etc), we are already choosing which choice we will make because we know what counsel these higher powers will give us. Therefore, when it comes to believing our friend to whether or not he/she saw “God”, in the end it is ultimately up to our choice.
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