1999 effects of hiv counseling and testing on sexual

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Unformatted text preview: havior.” A IDS care, 2(3): 247–52. The Voluntary HIV-1 Counseling and Testing Efficacy Study Group. 2000. “Efficacy of Voluntary HIV-1 Counselling and Testing in Individuals and Couples in Kenya, Tanzania, and Trinidad: A Randomised Trial.” L ancet, 356(9224): 103–12. Vytlacil, Edward, and Nese Yildiz. 2007. “Dummy Endogenous Variables in Weakly Separable Models.” Econometrica, 75(3): 757–79. Weinhardt, Lance S., Michael P. Carey, Blair T. Johnson, and Nicole L. Bickham. 1999. “Effects of HIV Counseling and Testing on Sexual Risk Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of Published Research, 1985–1997.” American Journal of public Health, 89(9): 1397–1405. VOL. 98 NO. 5 THORNTON: THE DEMAND fOR, AND IMpAcT Of, LEARNING HIV STATUS 1863 Wilson, Tim, and Dan Gilbert. 2003. “Affective Forecasting.” In Advances in Experimental Social psy- chology, Vol. 35, ed. Mark P. Zanna, 345–411. New York: Elsevier. Winsbury, Rex, ed. 1995. Safe Blood in Developing countries: The Lessons from Uganda. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Wolff, Brent, Barbara Nyanzi, George Katongole, Deo Ssesanga, Andy Ruberantwari, and Jimmy Whitworth. 2005. “Evaluation of a Home-Based Voluntary Counselling and Testing Intervention in Rural Uganda.” Health policy plan, 20(2): 109–16. Wolitski, R. J., R. J. MacGowan, D. L. Higgins, and C. M. Jorgensen. 1997. “The Effects of HIV Counsel- ing and Testing on Risk-Related Practices and Help-Seeking Behavior.” A IDS Education and prevention, 9(S): S52–67. Wu, Stephen. 2003. “Sickness and Preventive Medical Behavior.” Journal of Health Economics, 22(4): 675–89. Yoder, P. Stanley, and Priscilla Matinga. 2004. Voluntary counselling and Testing (VcT) for HIV in Malawi: public perspectives and Recent VcT Experiences. Calverton, MD: ORC Macro....
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