2004 understanding the patients perspective on rapid

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Unformatted text preview: s Among Persons at High Risk for HIV Infection: Results from a Multistate Interview Project.” Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, 35(5): 511–18. Hutchinson, Angela B., Giselle Corbie-Smith, Stephen B. Thomas, Sveta Mohanan, and Carlos del Rio. 2004. “Understanding the Patient’s Perspective on Rapid and Routine HIV Testing in an Inner-City Urgent Care Center.” A IDS Education and prevention, 16(2): 101–14. Imbens, Guido W., and Joshua D. Angrist. 1994. “Identification and Estimation of Local Average Treatment Effects.” Econometrica, 62(2): 467–75. Integrated Regional Information Networks. 2004. “LESOTHO: HIV/AIDS testing facilities still to be set up.” Kalichman, Seth C., and Leickness C. Simbayi. 2003. “HIV Testing Attitudes, AIDS Stigma, and Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing in a Black Township in Cape Town, South Africa.” Sexually Transmitted Infections, 79(6): 442–7. Kamenga, M., R. Ryder, M. Jingu, N. Mbuyi, L. Mbu, A. Behets Pattullo, M. Malonza, G. Kimani, A. Muthee, P. Otieno, K. Odhiambo, S. Moses, and F. Plummer. 1994. “Survey of Knowledge, Behaviour and Attitudes Relating to HIV Infection and AIDS Among Kenyan Secondary School Students.” A IDS care, 6: 173–81. Know HIV AIDS. 2005. “About Us.” tested.html (accessed 6/2005). Ko szegi, Botond. 2003. “Health Anxiety and Patient Behavior.” Journal of Health Economics, 22(6): ˝ 1073–84. Laver, Susan M. 2001. “Voluntary Testing and Counselling for HIV. ‘Are Adults in Rural Communities Ready to Test?’ A Descriptive Survey.” central African Journal of Medicine, 47(4): 92–7. Leibowitz, Arleen A., and Stephanie L. Taylor. 2007. “Distance to Public Test Sites and HIV Testing.” Medical care Research and Review, 64(5): 568–84. 1862 THE AMERIcAN EcONOMIc REVIEW DEcEMBER 2008 Loewenstein, George. 1987. “Anticipation and the Valuation of Delayed Consumption.” Economic Jour- nal, 97(387): 666–84. Malawi Diffusion Ideat...
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