Caplin andrew and kfir eliaz 2003 aids policy and

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Unformatted text preview: ceton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Caplin, Andrew, and Kfir Eliaz. 2003. “Aids Policy and Psychology: A Mechanism-Design Approach.” R AND Journal of Economics, 34(4): 631–46. Caplin, Andrew, and John Leahy. 2001. “Psychological Expected Utility Theory and Anticipatory Feelings.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 116(1), 55–79. Cartoux, Michel, Nicolas Meda, Philippe Van de Perre, Marie Louise Newell, Isabelle de Vincenzi, and Francois Dabis. 1998. “Acceptability of Voluntary HIV Testing by Pregnant Women in Developing Countries: an International Survey.” A IDS, 12(18): 2489–93. Chapoto, Antony, and Thomas S. Jayne. 2005. “Socioeconomic Characteristics of Individuals Afflicted by Aids-Related Prime-Age Mortality in Zambia.” Paper presented at the International Food Policy Research Institute/Renewal Conference on HIV/AIDS and Food and Nutrition Security, Durban, South Africa. Coates, Thomas J., Olga A. Grinstead, S. E. Gregorich, D. C. Heilbron, W. P. Wolf, K. H. Choi, J. Schachter, et al. 2000. “Efficacy of Voluntary HIV-1 Counseling and Testing in Individuals and Couples in Kenya, Tanzania, and Trinidad: A Randomised Trial.” L ancet, 356(9224): 103–12. Coulibaly, Djeneba, Philippe Msellati, Seri Dedy, Christiane Welffens-Ekra, and Francois Dabis. 1998. “Attitudes and Behavior of Pregnant Women towards HIV Screening in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1995 and 1996.” Santé, 8(3): 234–38. Day, John H., Kouichi Miyamura, Allison D. Grant, A. Leeuw, J. Munsamy, R. Baggaley, and Gavin J. Churchyard. 2003. “Attitudes to HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing Among Mineworkers in South Africa: Will Availability of Antiretroviral Therapy Encourage Testing?” A IDS care: psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV, 15(5): 665–72. de Graft–Johnson, Joseph, Valerie Paz-Soldan, Antonio Kasote, and Amy Tsui. 2005. “HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Service Preferences in a Rural Malawi Population.” AIDS and Behavior, 9(4): 475–84. Ekwueme, Donatus U., Steven D. Pinkerton, David R. Hol...
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