Figure presents the actual kernel density of the

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Unformatted text preview: IV and have age data. Figure presents the actual kernel density of the distribution of monetary incentives given by nurses and the theoretical distribution of the incentives to be given. the amount, a respondent ID, and the nurse’s signature; a carbon copy was made to prevent forgeries. Respondents who drew a zero token received no voucher; 22 percent received no incentive to return for either HIV or STI results. Drawing a “zero” may have had a demotivating effect on individuals wanting to attend the VCT, center which may have had an impact on attendance. Because all of the respondents participated in the “lottery” draw, it is impossible to estimate the potential effect of disappointment. However, this is likely to be minimal. Two to four months after sample collection, test results became available, and temporary test results (VCT) centers, consisting of small portable tents, were placed randomly throughout the districts. Based on their geospatial (GPS) coordinates, respondents’ households in villages were grouped into zones, and a location within each zone was randomly selected to place a tent. The average distance to a center was two kilometers and over 95 percent of those tested lived within five kilometers. Distance to the VCT center is calculated as a straight line and does not account for roads or paths. In most cases, tents were placed in the exact randomly selected location and paths were created for easy accessibility.6 Baseline characteristics are similar across groups receiving any incentive amount (including zero) and living within various VCT zones. Although there are some statistically significant differences among these groups, they are small in magnitude (Table 3). amount and theoretical amount of incentive. It is possible that a few respondents were allowed to “redraw” the voucher amount if they had originally selected a zero. This would be most problematic if nurses favored individuals who were more likely to practice safe sex or purch...
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