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Unformatted text preview: Unpublished. Oster, Emily. 2005. “Sexually Transmitted Infections, Sexual Behavior, and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic.” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120(2): 467–515. Philipson, Thomas, and Richard Posner. 1995. “A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Public Health Subsidies for STD Testing” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 110(2): 445–74. Rabin, Matthew. 1998. “Psychology and Economics.” Journal of Economic Literature, 36(1): 11–46. Reniers, Georges. 2005. “Marital Strategies for Managing Exposure to HIV in Rural Malawi.” Paper pre- sented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, Philadelphia. Sieff, Elaine, Robyn M. Dawes, and George Loewenstein. 1999. “Anticipated versus Actual Reaction to HIV Test Results.” American Journal of psychology, 112(2): 297–311. Sikkema, K. J., J. A. Kelly, R. A. Winett, L. J. Solomon, V. A. Cargill, R. A. Roffman, T. L. McAuliffe, et al. 2000. “Outcomes of a Randomized Community-Level HIV Prevention Intervention for Women Liv- ing in 18 Low-Income Housing Developments.” American Journal of public Health, 90(1): 57–63. Stein, Jo. 2005. “The Impact of Antiretroviral (ARV) Provision on HIV/AIDS Prevention.” A IDS Bulle- tin, 14(1): 58–71. Stryker, Jeff, Thomas J. Coates, Pamela Decarlo, Katherine Haynes-Sanstad, Mike Shriver, and Harvey J. Makadon. 1995. “Prevention of HIV Infection. Looking Back, Looking Ahead.” Journal of the Amer- ican Medical Association, 273(14): 1143–48. Sweat, Michael, Steven Gregorich, Gloria Sangiwa, Colin Furlonge, Donald Balmer, Claudes Kamenga, Olga Grinstead, and Thomas Coates. 2000. “Cost-effectiveness of Voluntary HIV-1 Counselling and Testing in Reducing Sexual Transmission of HIV-1 in Kenya and Tanzania.” Lancet, 356(9224): 113–21. Temmerman, M., S. Moses, D. Kiragu, S. Fusallah, I. A. Wamola, and P. Piot. 1990. “Impact of Single Session Post-Partum Counseling of HIV Infected Women on their Subsequent Reproductive Be...
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