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Unformatted text preview: ,E = 1 µs, τh,C = 2.9 µs. Since the transistor is a heterojunction transistor, we can ignore any holes injected into the emitter. Thus, the gain is determined only by the base properties. In the base, the diffusion length is given as and Le = Deτ e = 5.2 ⋅ 0.9 × 10 −6 = 21.6 µ m . 3. Then α= β= 1 ~ = 0.9996 ⎛W ⎞ cosh ⎜ ⎟ ⎝ Ln ⎠ α 0.9996 = = 2499 . 1 − α 0.0004 A thin slab of material is known to have the simple cubic lattice structure, and to have a lattice constant of 0.3 nm. When placed in an external electric field of 135 V/cm, it is found to have an internal electric field of 6.5 V/cm. (a) What is the dielectric constant of the material? (b) What is the atomic polarizability of the material? (a) The dielectric constant is just given by th...
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