HADM_174_Finalexam_Review - Mirocomputing Final [Type the...

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Unformatted text preview: Mirocomputing Final [Type the document title] Networking and the I nternet 1. GPS Triangulation a. Works by Measuring distances between known objects. Once a distance form one object is know, a circle of possible destinations is known, with two more known locations, an exact location can be shown. i. What can it tell you? 1. How far youve traveled 2. How long youve been traveling 3. Your current speed 4. Our average speed 5. A bread crumb trail 6. ETA at destination. 2. 3. LANs Innter Works a. CSMA/CD i. Carrier Sense multiple access with collision Detection 1 Mirocomputing Final [Type the document title] Module 7: Contingency Planning & Decision Support Concept 1 1. Component Parts of Computer System: The input, process, output and secondary storage parts of a computer system. 2. Variable Data: Data that is not a fact, but a hypothetical that is, it may assume a range of reasonable possible values as a part of an analysis. For example, the projected future occupancy of a hotel could be variable data. 3. Non-Variable Data: Data that has only one possible value. For example, last years average occupancy is a historical fact, and the value is now frozen in time....
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HADM_174_Finalexam_Review - Mirocomputing Final [Type the...

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