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Unformatted text preview: Support for message oriented and connection connection oriented communication. • Operating System independence Desired Desired properties of Network API 12 ECEN 602 Socket Programming • Support multiple communication protocol suites (families). • Address (endpoint) representation independence. independence. Generic Generic Programming Interface 13 ECEN 602 Socket Programming • TCP/IP does not include an API definition. TCP/IP TCP/IP 14 ECEN 602 Socket Programming • Specify local and remote communication endpoints • Initiate a connection • Wait for incoming connection • Send and receive data • Terminate a connection gracefully • Error handling Functions Functions needed: 15 ECEN 602 Socket Programming – support for multiple protocol families. – address representation independence • Generic: Berkeley Berkeley Sockets 16 ECEN 602 Socket Programming – establishing a connection – specifying communication endpoint addresses • A socket is an abstract representation of a communication endpoint. • Need of Sockets: Socket Socket 17 ECEN 602 Socket Programming • family specifies the protocol family (PF_INET for TCP/IP). • type specifies the type of service (SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM). SOCK_DGRAM • protocol specifies the specific protocol (usually 0, which means the default). the int socket(int family,int type,int proto); Creating Creating a Socket 18 ECEN 602 Socket Programming • socket() allocates resources needed for a communication endpoint - but it does not deal with endpoint addressing. • The socket() system call returns a socket() socket descriptor (small integer) or -1 on on error. socket() socket() 19 ECEN 602 Socket Programming • Remember that the sockets API is generic. • There m...
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