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Timeline!!!!! - 900s 963-1025 Basil II(Macedonia-Bulgur...

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900s 963-1025: Basil II (Macedonia)—Bulgur killer…more like Bulgur blinder 979-1016: Ethelred the Unready (England) —had to pay protection money to the Vikings 979-1037: Ibn Sina, or Avicenna—famous Platistotler at university in Baghdad. 996-1031: Robert Capet (France)—barely controlled area around Paris; Feudal system weakened Western kings 983-1002: Otto II (Holy Roman Empire); elected by and dependent on hereditary feudal nobles 1000s 1014: Basil II hires mercenaries and blinds 13,900 Bulgarians 1051: The Macedonian line dies out; leaves Michael Dukas and Romanus IV to fight over succession 1054: Norman nobleman, Robert Guissard, takes over southern Italy and Sicily. 1055: Seljuk Turks, Tughrul Bey, took Baghdad. Assumed title of Sultan, leaving Caliph as mere figurehead. 1056-1106: Henry IV (HRE) 1058-1111: Al Ghazzali argued that philosophy was useless and revelation was far superior, they were completely separate. MUTAKALLISM. 1059: College of Cardinals established as part of church “reform” movement 1066: Norman Conquest of England, Duke William of Normandy 1071: Battle of Manzikert. Seljuk army smashed Byzantine, Michael Dukas took power when Romanus was captured. 1073-1085: Pope Gregory VII (papalocaesarism) 1076: Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV (papalocaesarism) 1079-1141: Peter Abelard; developed Scholasticism at University of Paris. Believed reason and revelation could be reconciled 1088-1099: Pope Urban II (papalocaesarism) 1095: Urban II announces Crusade to retake Jerusalem 1099: First Crusade—group of knights “retake” Jerusalem 1100s 1126-1178: Averroes, aka Ibn rushd— principle of the “double truth”, that scripture is just stories (for dumb people) and philosophy is for smart people 1135-1204: Maimonides (Moses ben Maimon) Jewish philosopher who attempted to reconcile revelation with the original Aristotle. 1137: Louis VII (France), went on Second “tourist” Crusade 1152-1190: Frederick Barbarossa (HRE); Married to heir to So. Italy, threat to pope. Pope Urban II got No. Italian cities to revolt against emperor. 1162-1227: Genghis Khan unites Mongols and takes over China and Persia. 1176: No. Italian States defeat Barbarossa. 1154-1189: Henry II (England) 1180: Philip Augustus (France) 1187: Third Crusade—Frederick Barbarossa, Philip Augustus, and Richard “the Lion Hearted” sent to retake Jerusalem from Muslim Kurdish chief Saladin. Frederick drowned, crusade failed. 1170-1221: Dominic of Calaroga; Church creates Dominican order of monks. Presents both majestic and saintly side 1181-1226: Francis of Assisi; pope creates an order of poor monks, Franciscans. 1189-1199: Richard “the Lion Hearted” (England) 1198-1216: Pope Innocent III—super pope 1200s 1204: Fourth Crusade—crusaders take Constantinople instead of Jerusalem 1208: Innocent III preaches Crusade against the Albigensians
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1212: The Spanish Reconquista: Alphonso VIII (1158-1214) wins big victory over Muslims, restricting them to southern tip of Spanish peninsula.
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