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Unformatted text preview: mber of lone pairs on the central atom are: A) way from Be, sp2, one a B) oward Be, sp, one t C) oward Be, sp2, none t D) one, sp3, two n E) one, sp, none n 20) Choose the INCORRECT statement about NH4+. A) he hybridization of N is sp3. T B) here are two σ bonds. T C) here is one lone pair of electrons on N. T D) here are no π bonds. T E) he molecule is tetrahedral. T 21) According to the molecular orbital (M.O.) theory, when two oxygen atoms bond together, their 2p orbitals combine to form: A) wo sigma M.O.ʹs and two pi M.O.ʹs t B) our pi M.O.ʹs only f C) ne sigma and one pi M.O. o D) wo sigma M.O.ʹs and four pi M.O.ʹs t E) one of these n -722) The octahedral hybrid configuration is composed of which orbital combination? A) p3d2 B) pd2 C) p2d3 D) p3d E) p3 s s s s s 23) For the reaction: 2N2O5(g) → 4NO2(g) + O2(g) the rate law is: = k[N2O5] 4 At 300 K, the half-life is 2.50 × 10 seconds and the activation energy is 103.3 kJ/mol O2. At the time when N2O5 is being consumed at a rate of 1.2 × 10-4 M/s, what is the rate at which NO2 is being formed? 24) The reaction A + B → C + D is second order in A and zero order in B. The value of k is 0.012 M-1 min-1. What is the rate of this reaction when [A] = 0.125 M and [B] = 0.435 M? -8- 25) What is the rate law for the following mechanism? N2O + NO → N2ONO (S) N2ONO → N2 + NO2 (F) A) ate = k[N2O][NO] R B) ate = k[N2][NO2] R C) ate = k[N2ONO] R D) ate = k[NO] R R E) ate = k[N2O] 26) For the reaction: 2NO2(g) → 2NO(g) + O2(g) concentration - time data are: t(s) [NO2] log[NO2] 0.00 2.000 .300 .500 0.40 1.467 .166 .682 0.80 1.076 .032 .929 1.20 .789 -.103 1.267 1.60 .579 -.237 1.727 2.00 .424 -.373 2.358 What is the order of the reaction with respect to [NO2]? A) ero z B) irst f C) hird t D) econd s E) one of these n -9 27) Consider the following equation: N2O4(g) ⇔ 2 NO2(g) Kc = 5.8 × 10-3 If the initial concentration of N2O4(g) = 0.040 M and the initial concentration of NO2(g) is 0 M, what is the equilibrium conc...
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