18 05 there are other ways to do this part which use

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Unformatted text preview: area between 4 and 5 + area between 5 and 7 = 0.18 + (0.5 - .18) = 0.5 There are other ways to do this part which use the areas of the triangles. 4 c) What value separates the longest 10% of your daily waiting times from the remaining 90%? Since = 0.5, we know that c has to be greater than 5 so c = 12.2361, 7.764. since 12.2361 is larger than 10, the answer is 7.764 (2.3 pts.) 1.24 (p.31). The time (sec) that it takes a librarian to locate and entry in a file of records on checked-out books has an exponential distribution with = 0.05. a) What proportion of all location times are less than 20 sec? At most 20 sec? This is the same as the previous question since it doesn't make any difference if we include 20 or not for a continuous distribution. 0.6321 Note: for full credit, either the integral needs to be repeated or an explanation of why they are the same needs to be...
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