5 b does a location time of 1 sec qualify as one of

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Unformatted text preview: provided. At least 25 sec? Between 10 sec and 25 sec? 5 b) Does a location time of 1 sec qualify as one of the fastest 5% of all times? since 1 < 1.026, yes Note: we want the 5th percentile, not the 95th percentile because we are going from lower to higher numbers. (1.2 pts.) 1.34 (p.41). Determine the following percentiles for the standard normal distribution? Note: No work is required for this part. a) 91st z = 1.34 has a value of 0.9099, z = 1.35 has a value of 0.9155, answer: 1.34 b) 9th z = -1.34 has a value of 0.0901, z = -1.35 has a value of 0.0885; answer -1.34 OR since the standard normal curve is symmetrical around 0, the proportion to the right of 1.34 is 100th – 91st = 9th percentile is the same as the amount to the left of -1.34 (9th percentile). c) 22nd z = -0.77 has a value of 0.2206, z = -0.78 has a value of 0.2177; answer -0.77 d) 99.9th z = 3.08, 3.09, 3.10...
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