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1 nm proton cloud of electron probability 11 carbon

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Unformatted text preview: protons in the atom’s nucleus of • Hydrogen: 1 proton & 1 electron 10-10 m = 0.1 nm proton Cloud of “electron probability” 11 Carbon has 6 protons Carbon Cloud of 6 electrons Nucleus: 6 protons 6 or 7 neutrons note: scale is wrong (nucleus greatly exaggerated) 12 The physics of atoms and their nuclei is well understood • The breakthroughs were made in the 1920’s – 1930’s The – Quantum Mechanics – discrete energy levels – Relativity – things are different when you’re really zipping! • Evidence for depth of understanding is all around you – – – – – Lasers Microwave ovens X-ray imaging Fluorescent lights Nuclear power • Quantum Mechanics helps us understand the basic Quantum properties of atoms, and explains the grouping in the Periodic Table Periodic 13 The Periodic Table On the left and right, elements have properties similar to those above and below them in table. Those in middle are similar to their neighbors 14 What about the constituents of atoms? • Separate an electron from the atom for study... Cloud of electrons nucleus 15 Electrons Appear to be Fundamental Electrons • As far as we can tell, electrons have no ingredients • The lack of substructure makes them useful probes The for other particles for – Fling them really hard a...
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