21 cern switzerland short lived matter a veritable zoo

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Unformatted text preview: icles at each Directing other at ferocious energies can make new stuff other • It’s like reproducing the Big Bang, but at lower energies particle Lots ‘o stuff antiparticle 20 Particle Accelerators are Big! 21 CERN, Switzerland Short-Lived Matter • A veritable zoo of particles (muon, tau, mesons, veritable hadrons....) hadrons....) • Confusion in the 1960’s – things seemed to be getting Confusion worse! worse! – hundreds of “new” particles observed • Recognition in 1970’s, 1980’s that there was order to all Recognition this mess this – Electron has two short-lived siblings (muon, tau), each has a neutrino cousin (lepton family) – Nuclear matter is made up of 6 quarks, arranged as three generations with 2 members each – Imagine all the combinations! 22 The Standard Model of Particle Physics As far as we know these particles have no constituents. Basic Ingredients are quarks and the electron-like objects (leptons) (leptons) Fundamental forces are mediated by photon, gluons, W’s and Z’s (bosons) (Fermilab) 23 Quark Soup • Combinations of quarks make up all the exotic Combinations particles cataloged in the 1960s particles – 6 quarks, 6 anti-quarks, grouped in twos and threes – Many dozens of combinations, only protons and neutrons are stable (and neutrons decay when not in nuclei) – Charg...
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