Can whack protons and neutrons with electrons protons

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Unformatted text preview: t nuclei to see if they “hit” anything – Electron microscopes – Particle accelerators 16 What about substructure in protons and neutrons? • Can whack protons and neutrons with electrons protons and neutrons with and see what happens.... and proton Electron Beam “Deep Inelastic Scattering” experiments indicate the electrons occasionally strike hard nuggets in the proton Quarks! 17 The Elementary Particles are “Related” • Electric charge of electron and proton are equal and proton and opposite, to remarkable accuracy and • Neutron left alone for 15 minutes will “Betaleft decay” into e, p , neutrino (very light, chargeless neutrino lepton) lepton) proton Poof! electron neutron neutrino 18 But that’s not all! • Antimatter : Each elementary particle has an Antimatter “antimatter” counterpart “antimatter” Electron – Positron Proton – Antiproton Neutron – Antineutron etc. − anti-etc. • E=mc2 says matter and energy are interchangeable • If they find one another – major fireworks! 19 Particle-Antiparticle Dating Service: Particle Colliders • Directing beams of particles and antipart...
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