Liquid being hit my molecules of liquid einstein made

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Unformatted text preview: low mass particles) in Pollen liquid move around erratically. liquid Being hit my molecules of liquid Einstein made a prediction in 1905 calculated the rate at which grains should spread in liquid Confirmed by new measurements 8 Heat and Gas Pressure The atoms or molecules in a gas move freely around, with constantly changing neighbors. with Pressure is caused by the atoms/molecules hitting the Pressure wall of the container. wall When heat a substance molecules move faster giving increased pressure in gases Solids and liquids expand Temperature is a measure of the microscopic random motion of molecules/atoms 9 Atoms Are Composite Objects • • • • • • Protons (+ electric charge), p (+ Electrons (– electric charge), e Electrons (– Neutrons (no electric charge), n (no Proton and Neutron have about the same mass and Neutron have Electron is about 1800 times less massive than proton Electron is proton Electrical Forces produce attraction between electrons and the protons in the nucleus because they are and protons oppositely charged oppositely 10 Chemical elements are defined by the number Chemical of...
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