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Unformatted text preview: (b) marketing performance. 2.3 Marketing Advantage Sustainability Marketing advantage sustainability is defined as an ability of firm to sustain and to coordinate the deployment of assets to achieve competition in terms of compare with competitor both in short and long term (Talke, 2007). Marketing advantage also concerns with new product offering high quality and appropriate prices, outstanding and up-to-date, new strange, unique identity, and reputation over INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 81 competitors (Thipsri and Ussahawanitchakit, 2009). Then, firm can be offering products to meet requirement of customer and as a consequence, it achieves satisfaction of customer through performance in the market. This implies that firm can create unique image for market offering, it is reflecting market differentiation advantage that obtains satisfaction of customers (Anderson, Fornell, and Lehmann, 1994) and ultimately, gaining superior performance (Thipsri and Ussahawanitchakit, 2009). So, from what discussed above, this study proposes the hypothesis as follows: Hypothesis 7: The higher the marketing advantage sustainability is, the more likely that firms will gain greater (a) marketing excellence and (b) marketing performance. 2.4 Market Acceptance Quality Market acceptance quality refers to the successful development and market enhancements to new products and services that respond to technological change, evolving industry standards or customer requirements (Chung and Holdsworth, 2009). Prior research shows that customer accepted derives from customer’s perception about capability and social responsibility of the company (Brodie, Whittome and Brush, 2009). Several studies show that the benefits of a strong image and reputation of products and services can create market acceptance by increasing customer repurchases (Yoon, Guffey and Kijewski, 1993) promoting higher rate of customer retention (Preece, Fleisher and Toccacelli, 1995) and helping a firm survive (Shri...
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