Also the capability to innovate is an ability of the

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Unformatted text preview: es for management. Also, the capability to innovate is an ability of the organization to adopt or implement new ideas, processes, or products successfully. Firms with greater capacity to innovate will be more successful in responding to their environments and developing new capabilities that lead to competitive advantage and superior performance (Hurley and Hult, 1998). The diffusion of innovations literature also confirms this view and suggests that firms must be innovative to gain a competitive edge in order to survive (Calantone, Cavusgil and Zhao, 2002). The study of Sheth and Parvatiyar (2001) proposes that the adoption of technology and emergence of an ideology-free world is a source of global competition. Furthermore, firms with continuous innovation improvement concentration tend to attain excellent marketing and are a leader in market resulting from the fact that firms have innovation to advance more over the rivals (Leede and Looise, 2005). Therefore, the hypothesis is proposed as below: Hypothesis 1: The higher the continuous innovation improvement concentration is, the more likely that firms will gain greater (a) firm survival, (b) customer participation efficiency, (c) marketing advantage sustainability, and (d) market acceptance quality. Flexible marketing channel focus. Flexible marketing channel focus refers to a set of rapid and adaptable practices or activities necessary to transfer the ownership of goods, and to move goods, from the point of production to the point of consumption and, as such, which consists of all the institutions and all the marketing activities (Bennett 1988; Zhang, Vonderembse, and Lim 2002). Organizations can achieve differentiation through their distribution channels. A marketing channel is a useful tool for management. Internet-based online technologies can dramatically reduce the cost of distribution, especially for products that can be digitized such as written material, music, and financial services. If reviewed products are made available to final customers, they can affect brand equity, product positioning, or customer service, thus, the channel of distribution can be crucial to successful...
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