Dean james w and brown david e 1994 management theory

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Unformatted text preview: Patricia.J, Sabath, Robert. E. and Rogers, Dale S. 1992. Competitive advantage through customer responsiveness. Logistics and Transportation Review, 28(3): 257-271. Dean, James W. and Brown, David E. 1994. Management theory and total quality: improving research and practice through theory development. Academy of Management Review, 3: 392-418. Dean, Thomas J., Brown, Robert L and Bamford, Charles E. 1998. Differences in large and small firm responses to environmental context: strategic implications from comparative business formations. Strategic Management Journal, 19: 709-728. Decarolis Donna M and Deeds, David L. 1999. The impact of stocks and flows of organizational knowledge on firm performance: An empirical investigation of the biotechnology industry. Strategic Management Journal, 20: 953-968. Dess, Gregory.G., and Beard, Donald W. 1984. Dimension of organizational Task environments. Administrative Science Quarterly, 29: 52-73. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 96 Dong, Beibei., Zou, Shaoming and Taylor, Charles R. 2008. Factors that influence multinational orporations’ control of their operations in foreign markets: An empirical investigation. Journal of International Marketing, 16(1): 98–119. Douglas, Susan P. 2000. Global Marketing Strategy in the 21st Century: The Challenges. Japan and the World Economy, 12: 381-384. Douglas, Susan and Craig. Samuel C. 1989. Evolution of global marketing strategy: scale, scopeand synergy. Columbia Journal of World Business, 22(4): 19-29. Duncan, Robert B. 1972. Characteristics of Organizational Environments and Perceived Environmental Uncertainty. Administrative Science Quarterly, 8 : 313-327 Dutta, Shantanu.,Narasimhan, Om and Rajiv, Surendra. 2005. Conceptualizing and Measuring Capabilities: Methodology and Empirical Application. Strategic Management Journal, 26(3): 277-285. Eckert, Andrew. and West, Douglas W. 2008. Firm Survival and Chain Growth in a Privatized Retail Liquor Store Industry. Review of Industria...
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