Esteve prez silviano and maez castillejo juan a 2008

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Unformatted text preview: l Organization, 32: 1-18. Eisenhardt, Kathleen M. and Jeffrey A. Martin. 2000. Dynamic Capabilities : What are They? Strategic Management Journal, 21(10/11): 1105-1121. Esteve-Pérez, Silviano and Mañez-Castillejo, Juan A. 2008. The resource-based theory of the Firm and firm survival. Small Business Economics, 30(3): 231-249. Farjoun, Moshe. 2002. Towards an organic perspective on strategy. Strategic Management Journal, 23(7): 561-594. Glazer, Rashi and Weiss, Allen M. 1993. Marketing in Turbulent Environments: Decision Processes and the Time-Sensitivity of Information. Journal of Marketing Research, 30: 509-521. Grewal, Rajdeep, Chandrashekaranand, Murali and Dwyer F. Robert. 2008. Navigating local environments with global strategies: A contingency model of multinational subsidiary performance. Marketing Science, 27(5): 886-902. Griffith, David A., Chandra, Aruna and Ryans, John K. 2002. Examining the intricacies of promotion standardization: factors influencing advertising message and packaging. Journal of International Marketing, 11(3): 30-47. Helfat, Constance E. and Peteraf, Margaret A. 2003. The Dynamic Resource-Based View: Capability Lifecycles. Strategic Management Journal, 24: 997-1010. Hair, Joseph F., Black, Babin B., Anderson, Rolph and Tatham, Robert L. 2006. Multivariate Data Analysis. 6th ed. New Jersey : Pearson Education. Hill, Charles W. L. 1996. International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace. Chicago: Richard D. Irwin. Hitt, Michael A., Ireland, R Duane and Hoskisson, Robert A. 2005. Strategic Management, Competitve and Globalization. 6th ed., Thompson Southwestern. Hsieh, An-Tien, Yen, Chang-Hua and Chin, Ko-Chien. 2004. Participative Customer as partial Employees and Service Provider Workload. International Journal of Service Industry Management, 15(2): 187-199. Hsu, Chin-Chun. and Pereira, Arun. 2008. Internationalization and Performance- The Moderating Effects of Organizational Learning. OMEGA International Journal of Management Science, 36(2): 188-205. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL...
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