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Unformatted text preview: . Disaster Containment Strategies. The Journal of Business Strategy, 10: 26-30. Silpakit, Patriya. and Fisk, Raymond P. 1985. Participatizing The Service Encounter: A Theoretical Framework. In T. Bloch, G. D. Upah, V. A. Zeithaml, editors, Services Marketing in a Changing Environment. Chicago, Illinois: American Marketing Association, 117-121. Slater, Stanley F. and Narver, John C. 1995. Market orientation and the learning organization. Journal of Marketing, 59: 63-74. Smith, Brian. 2007. Excellence in medical marketing: Origins, definition and Precursors. Journal of Medical Marketing, 7: 25 – 32. Stuart-Kregor, Paul. 2006. Marketing master class: Are pharmaceutical (or health care) companies achieving true “marketing excellence?” Journal of Medical Marketing, 6(1): 19-30. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 100 Teece, David J., G. Pisano and A. Shuen. 1997. Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management. Strategic Management Journal, 8(7): 509-533. Teece, D. J. and Pisano, Gary. 1994. The Dynamic Capabilities of Firms: An Introduction. Industrial & Corporate Change, 3(3): 537-55. Theodosiou, Marios. and Katsikeas, Constantine S. 2001, Factors influencing the degree of international pricing strategy standardization of multinational corporations. Journal of International Marketing, 9(3): 118. Thipsri, Naphat and Ussahawanitchakit, Phapruke. 2009. An Empirical Assessment of NPD Strategies of Thai Electronics Business: How Do the Strategies Affect Market Outcomes? International Journal of Business Strategy, 9(2): 69-90. Townsend, Janell D., Yeniyurt, Sengun., Deligonul, Z Seyda., Cavusgil, S.Tamer. 2004. Exploring the Marketing Program Antecedents of Performance in a Global Company. Journal of International Marketing, 12(4):1–24. Tsai, Shu-Pei. 2005. Integrated marketing as management of holistic consumer experience. Business Horizons, 48: 431-441. Tuten, Tracy L. and Urban. David J. 2001. An expanded model of business-to-business partners...
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