In addition odonnell and jeong 2000 show that global

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Unformatted text preview: ated to marketing performance. In addition, O’Donnell and Jeong (2000) show that global standardization is positively related to organizational performance in global market. Also, Zou and Cavusgil (2002) reveal that global marketing strategy is positively associated with firm performance. Thus, it leads to the hypothesis proposed as follows: Hypothesis 10: Marketing performance has a positive relationship with firm survival. 2.7 Executive Vision for Globalization Executive vision for globalization refers to an idealized goal or image which leaders create to achieve in the future that emphasizes to achieve organizational outcome from opportunity of globalization INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 82 (Ussahawanitchakit, Intakhan and Sumritsakun (2009); Jones, 2002). The study of Zou and Cavusgil (2002) asserts that globalization is positively related to global marketing strategy. In addition, the study of Cavusgil, Yeniyurt and Townsend (2004) shows that visionary leadership is the key driver to integrate the motives and facilitators of global companies. Likewise, Townsend et al., (2004) reveal that leadership’s global orientation has a positive effect on the implement of a global marketing structure. Therefore, vision of leader can promote dynamic global marketing strategy to moving from current to future desirable state in response to rapid environment change. Hence, this research proposes that executive vision for globalization is associated with dynamic global marketing strategy. Thus, the hypothesis is proposed as follows: Hypothesis 11: The higher the executive vision for globalization is, the more likely that firms will gain greater (a) continuous innovation improvement, (b) flexible marketing channel focus, (c) diversified customer behavioral learning, (d) effective customer response orientation, and (e) valuable marketing communication proactiveness. 2.8 International Entrepreneur Culture International entrepreneur culture refers to a combination of innovative, proactive, and risk-seeking behavior that crosses or is compared across national borders and is intended to create value in business organizati...
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