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Unformatted text preview: w-Hill Companies Inc. Kaleka, Anna. and Berthon, Pierre 2006. Learning and locale: the role of information, memory and environment in determining export differentiation advantage. Journal of Business Research, 59: 10161024. Kliatchko, Jerry G. 2008. Revisiting the IMC construct: a revised definition and four pillars. International Journal of Advertising, 27(1): 133-160. Konthong Khajit and Ussahawanitchakit, Phapruke 2009. Management Accounting Information System Effectiveness and Business Value Creation: An Empirical Study of Thai Listed Firms. Review of Business Research, 9(2): 95-107. Levitt, Theodore. 1983. The Globalization of Markets. Harvard Business Review, 92-102. Li, Tiger, Nicholls, J. and Roslow, Sydney. 1999. The relationship between market-driven learning and new product success in export markets. International Marketing Review, 16(6): 476–503. Luo, Yadong. 2000. Dynamic capabilities in international expansion. Journal of world Business, 35(4): 355-378. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 98 Mason, Edward S. 1939. Price and production policies of large scale enterprises. American Economic Review, 29(1): 61-74. McArthur, Angeline W. and Nystrom, Paul C. 1991. Environment dynamism, complexity, and munufucuence as moderators of strategic-performance relationships. Journal of Business research, 23: 349-361. McDougall, Patricia P. 1989. International versus domestic entrepreneurship: new venture strategic behavior and industry structure. Journal of Business Venturing, 4: 387-400. McDougall, Patricia P. and Oviatt, Benjamin M. 2000. International entrepreneurship: The intersection of two paths Guest Editor's Introduction. Academy of Management Journal, 43 (5): 902-908. McEvily, Bill and Zaheer, Akbar. 1999. Bridging ties: A source of firm heterogeneity in competitive capabilities. Strategic Management Journal, 20: 1133-1156. Mendez, Claudia. 2009. Anthropology and ethnography: contributions to integrated marketing communications. Marketing Intel...
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