Journal of operations management 27 324 338 mohr jakki

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Unformatted text preview: ligence & Planning, 27(5): 633-648. Mishra, Anant A. and Shah, Rachna. 2009. In union lies strength: Collborative competence in new product development and its performance effect. Journal of Operations Management, 27: 324-338. Mohr, Jakki. and Spekman, Robert. 1994. Characteristics of partnership success: Partnership attributes communication behaviour and conflict resolution techniques. Strategic Management Journal, 15: 135-152. Morgan, Neil A., Clark Bruce H and Gooner, Rich. 2002. Marketing Productivity, Marketing Audits and Systems for Marketing Performance Assessment Integrating Multiple Perspectives. Journal of Business Research, 55: 363-375. Narver, John C., Slater, Stanley F and Maclachlan, Douglas L. 2004. Responsive and proactive market orientation and new-product success. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 21(5): 334−347. Nunnally, Jum C. and Bernstein, Ira H. 1994. Psychometric Theory. New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc. Ooncharoen, Nantana and Ussahawanitchakit, Phapruke. 2009. New Service Development (NSD) Strategy, and its Antecedents and Consequences: An Empirical Examination of Hotel Business in Thailand. Journal of International Business and Economics, 9(4): 1-25. Osaki, Takanori. 2008. Global marketing strategy in the digital age: an analysis of Japanese mobile phone manufacturers. The Marketing Review, 8(4): 329-341. Oviatt, Benjamin M. and McDougall, Patricia P. 1994. Toward a theory of international new Ventures. Journal of International Business Studies, 25(1): 45-64. O’Donnell, Sharon and Jeong, Insik. 2000. Marketing Standardization within Global Industries: An Empirical Study of Performance Implications. International Business Review, 17(1): 19-33. Pandza, Krsto and Robin, Holt. 2007. Absorptive and Transformative Capacities in Nanotechnology Innovation Systems. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 24: 347-365. Payne, G.Tyge, Kennedy, Kevin H and Davis, Justin L. 2009. Competitive dynamics among service SMEs. Journal of Small Business Manag...
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