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Unformatted text preview: Keywords: Dynamic Global Marketing Strategy, Firm Survival, Customer Participation Efficiency, Marketing Advantage Sustainability, Market Acceptance Quality, Marketing Excellence, Marketing Performance, Executive Vision for Globalization, International Entrepreneur Culture, Advance Technology Growth, Volatile Competition Forces, Technology Adaptation Competency, International Experience, Market Munificence 1. INTRODUCTION Due to an increasing incorporation of the world’s major economies, world trade, and the stepping forward of globalization, many organizations have become aware of the potential capability of gaining much income from the world market. Rapid advances in technology, increasing international trade and investment growing wealth across the globe, and a convergence of consumer tastes and preferences are convincing businesses to expand their globalization strategies and tactics (Javalgi and White, 2002). The intensification of competition on global scale has led to an increasing number of firms seeking opportunities in global markets to achieve their objectives, as well as to safeguard their market position so as to survive (Phromket and Ussahawanitchakit, 2009). In the light of the significance of understanding exporting firms' operations, firms need to create and develop their strategies in dealing with changing organizational operations (Ussahawanitchakit, 2007).The success of a firm in a foreign market depends largely on the method that the company uses to venture into that market. Prior study argues that global marketing strategy plays a critical role in determining a firm’s performance in the global market (Levitt, 1983; Porter, 1986; Zou and Cavusgil, 1996). It means that decisions on global marketing strategies will be an important issue for academic research and marketing practice. Accordingly, this research attempts to extend the literature by using dynamic capability paradigm. Dynamic capability explains why some firms gain more sustainable competitive advantage than others within dynamic mark...
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