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Unformatted text preview: ement, 47(4): 421-422. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 99 Persson, Helena. 2004. The Survival and Growth of New Establishments in Sweden, 1987-1995. Small Business Economics, 23(5): 423-440. Phillips, Paul A. and Wright, Claire. 2009. E-Business’s impact on Organizational Flexibility. Journal of Business Research, 62: 1071-1080. Phromket, Chantima and Ussahawanitchakit, Phapruke 2009. Effects of organizational learning effectiveness on innovation outcomes and export performance of garment business in Thailand. International Journal of Business research, 9(7): 6-31. Porter, Michael E. 1985. Competitive Advantage. Free Press, New York. Porter, Michael E. 1986. Changing Patterns of International Competition. California Management Review, 28: 9-40. Preece, Stephen, Fleisher, Craig and Toccacelli, James. 1995. Building a Reputable Along the Value Chain at Levi Straus. Long Range Planning, 28(6): 88-98. Rosenbloom, Bert and Andras, T. Larsen. 2008. Wholesalers as Global Marketers. Journal of Marketing Channels, 15(1): 235-252. Saekoo Areerat and Ussahawanitchakit, Phapruke. 2009. Building Brand Equity Strategy of Exporting Businesses in Thailand: An Empirical Investigation of Its Antecedents and Consequences. International Journal of Strategic Management, 10(2): 1-25. Samiee, Saeed and Roth, Kendall. 1992. The influence of global marketing standardization on Performance. Journal of Marketing, 56: 1-17. Sansook, Jantana and Ussahawanitchakit, Phapruke. 2010. Strategic Customer Relationship Management Capabilities and Market Performance: An Empirical Study of Health Service Industries in Thailand. International Journal of Business Strategy, 10(2): 67-89. Sheth, Jagdish N. and Paratiyar Atul. 1995. The evolution of relationship marketing. International Business Review, 4: 397-418. Sheth, Jagdish N. and Parvatiyar, Atul. 2001. The antecedents and consequences of integrated global marketing. International Marketing Review, 18(1): 16-29. Shrivastava, Paul and Siomkos, George. 1989...
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