Then future research is needed to conceptualize the

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Unformatted text preview: ge sustainability and market acceptance quality. Also, marketing advantage sustainability has no relationships with marketing excellence and marketing performance. Then, future research is needed to conceptualize the measurement of continuous innovation improvement concentration, diversified customer behavioral learning and marketing advantage sustainability that does not have an effect on the relationships. 5.2 Managerial Contribution This study provided CEO many practices under the globalization context. With global marketing strategy, a firm should composed of at least four dimensions, namely, continuous innovation improvement concentration, flexible marketing channel focus, diversified customer behavioral learning, effective customer response orientation and valuable marketing communication proactiveness. Moreover, firms should understand, manage, and utilize dynamic global marketing strategy to provide marketing INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Volume 11, Number 2, 2011 93 excellence and marketing performance. Also, both marketing excellence and marketing performance influence firm survival. The executives must put more emphasis on flexible marketing channel focus, effective customer response orientation and valuable marketing communication proactiveness than on other variations. They should clearly understand and exploit them within the organization in addition to expanding other strategies to include or graduate to an advanced business operations in order to continuously maintain and increase the levels of business excellence, corporate performance, competitive advantage, organizational growth, and sustainability. To maximize the benefits of dynamic global marketing strategy, executives should provide other necessary resources to support their effectiveness and create new opportunities in competitive markets and environments. 5.3 Limitation and Future Directions for Research The limitation of this research concerning with the sample is drawn from exporting jewelry business in Thailand. Since organization cultural differences may be influenced by cultural difference among o...
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