Anatomy and Physiology Answer Key

3 with each stroke the heart pumps a larger volume of

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Unformatted text preview: MHC antigens (proteins) that are attached to the surfaces of all body cells and are used by the immune system to distinguish its own tissue from that which is foreign. Biozone International 2009 Photocopying Prohibited A anti-B A, AB A, 0 B anti-A B, AB B, O AB A+B none AB A, B, AB, O O None anti-A + anti-B O, AB, A, B O 2. (a) Blood typing could eliminate who the murderer could not be (i.e. exclude some blood types). (b) It is very unlikely that blood typing could establish definitively who the murderer was. (c) A DNA profile. (d) Blood typing is not used forensically because there are too many people who share a common blood type. The pool of “suspects” would be too large. 3. Discovery of the basis of the ABO system allowed the possibility of safe transfusions and greatly improved survival and recovery after surgery or trauma. The Body’s Defenses (page 131) 1. The first line of defense provides non-specific resistance by forming a physical barrier to the entry of pathogens. Chemical secretions from the skin, tears, and saliva also provide antimicrobial activity and help destroy pathogens and wash them away. The second line of defense provides non-specific resistance operating inside the body to inhibit or destroy pathogens (irrespective of what type of pathogen is involved). Whereas the third line of defense provides specific defense resistance against particular pathogens once they have been identified by the immune system (antibody production and cellmediated immunity). 2. Specific resistance refers to defense against particular (identified) pathogens. It involves a range of specific responses to the pathogen concerned (antibody production and cell-mediated immunity). In The natural population of (normally non-pathogenic) microbes can benefit the host by preventing overgrowth of pathogens (through competitive exclusion). 2. Can receive blood from: B Targets for Defense (page 129) 1. Can donate blood to: A Endurance athletes have a smaller body weight. 5. Completed table: Bloo...
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