Anatomy and Physiology Answer Key

3 a iron is required for the production of

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Unformatted text preview: meat, making women more susceptible to iron deficient anemia. 4. Dietary supplementation can be achieved by adding the vitamin or mineral to a regularly used food product (e.g. folic acid and iron to breads and cereals, and iodine to table salt). The benefits of dietary supplementation in this way stem from reaching a large sector of the general population easily in order to provide an essential element that may be deficient in the diet and contributes a lot to public health. In the case of iodine, which is widely deficient in soils and therefore also in food, supplementation is a public health exercise, which prevents goiter in the Infection and Gut Function (page 189) 1. The bacterium Vibrio cholerae. 2. If untreated, the copious diarrhoea can quickly lead to severe dehydration and a consequent collapse of all body systems (particularly kidney and heart failure). 3. Treatment with ORS provides replaces the electrolytes lost with the diarrhoea as well as the water. Glucose or sucrose in the ORS enhance electrolytes absorption. Drinking water alone does not address electrolyte loss. 4. When glucose is added to an ORS symptoms can worsen initially because the presence of sugars in the gut can make the diarrhoea worse (as a result of osmotic withdrawal of water into the gut lumen). This can cause people to stop treatment even though overall hydration is improved and electrolyte loss is reduced. 5. As with any trials, there is a risk that a new product may worsen the diarrhoea or have unexpected undesirable side effects. If a new product is ineffectual, there is a risk that the inadequacy of the treatment could be life threatening. The ethics of trials are especially fraught when the trials involve one group of patients receiving a placebo (no effect) or a less effective treatment (these are used to measure the extent to which the new product is better). Biozone International 2009 Photocopying Prohibited Anatomy and Physiology For protein metabolism: (a) Transamination of amino acids to create new, non-essential amino aci...
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