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Sample essay questions for midterm - Sample midterm essay...

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Sample midterm essay questions Phil 104 sec 2-12 Spring 2008 A) Contrast inductively strong with deductively valid arguments. What are the important differences? Since inductive arguments can never be certain, the premises can either point to a conclusion that is strong or weak. Inductively strong means that the conclusion is most likely true if the premises are true. With deductive valid arguments, this means that the conclusion is true if the premises given in the argument are true. B) Sketch the argument against Polus that it is better to be punished than not, given that you have committed an injustice. Premise 1: Just punishment is admirable (p42) Premise 2: The object that a admirable act is done is made more admirable Conclusion: The just punishment being admirable, makes the victim more admirable. So just punishment is beneficial to the victim. So just punishment is good for victim Also, is has to be said that the souls evil is most shameful and since shamefulness equals evil plus pain, and the soul’s evil is the least painful. So the soul’s evil is greatest evil. C) Plato thinks mathematical proofs show something about minds and reality. What, briefly and roughly? Plato states that all physical objects are temporary, and all physical laws are permanent. From these premises it can be conclude that physical laws transcend spatial-temporal objects. Non-physical entities are forms which are the reality behind natural and moral laws. Since we contact non-physical forms, we cannot be physical object, which means that our nature is not essentially physical. D) Give both of Socrates' arguments (versus Callicles) that pain and pleasure are not the
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Sample essay questions for midterm - Sample midterm essay...

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