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cosine - Peter Zywiak Engr 166 Sec 04 Intro Using the...

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Peter Zywiak 2/27/08 Engr 166 Sec. 04 Intro: Using the MacLaurin Series expansion it is possible to expand the cosine function into a formula. This formula can be expanded to an infinite series. By using this series the cosine function is expressed in terms of x. However, the accuracy of the answer depends on how many terms the cosine function is expanded to. If only a few terms are used, the answer will not be very close to what the actual cosine to the angle is. In order for this to work, the angle must be expressed in radians instead of degrees. To do this, the degrees need to be multiplied by π/180. Once this number is calculated, the number can be plugged into the equation. Also, from the equation it is possible to form a general equation for the entire series. This equation uses general variables instead of numbers so that it can be used for any amount of numbers. With this equation, the function can be placed into a computer program where a series of commands can be written to calculate the cosine of an angle by the MacLaurin series. Flow Chart Development:
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