Op Man HW 1 Q 5

80perhour 31250 15450 findthetotalproduc tiv ity do

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Unformatted text preview: parts (total c os t) 640 labor hours $ 7.80 per hour $31,250 $15,450 Find the total produc tiv ity . (Do not round interm ediate calculations. Round your answers to 2 decim al places.) Units s old Sales $ Total Produc tiv ity 0.96 ± .05 per dollar input 3.65 ± .05 per dollar input Explanation: Total produc tiv ity c ould be ex pres s ed two way s here bas ed on how y ou ex pres s output: in units s old, or dollars of s ales . Units s old: 49,620/((640 × $7.80) + $31,250 + $15,450) = 0.96 units s old per dollar input Dollars of s ales : (49,620 × 3.80)/((640 × $7.80) + $31,250 + $15,450) = 3.65 dollars in s ales per dollar input http://e z to.mhe c loud.mc gr a w- hill.c om/hm.tpx? todo= pr intvie wSingle 2/2...
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