Op Man HW 1 Q 3

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Unformatted text preview: m al places.) Rec eiv able turnov er ratio 5.453 b. Compute the inv entory turnov er ratio. (Round your answer to 3 decim al places.) Inv entory turnov er ratio 4.383 c. Compute the as s et turnov er ratio. (Round your answer to 3 decim al places.) As s et turnov er ratio 2.306 Worksheet Problem 1­9 Learning Objective: 01­04 Evaluate the efficiency of a firm. Problem 1-9 Cons ider the following financ ial data from the pas t y ear for Midwes t Outdoor Equipment Corporation. Gros s inc ome Total s ales Total c redit s ales Net inc ome Cos t of goods s old Total as s ets Av erage inv entory Av erage rec eiv ables $25,240,000 24,324,000 18,785,000 2,975,000 12,600,000 10...
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