Op Man HW 5 Chapters 14 & 18

Problem 14 14 meritor is s o pleas ed with the outc

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Unformatted text preview: blem 14-14 Meritor is s o pleas ed with the outc ome from prev ious s ugges tions that the c ons ultants are inv ited bac k for more work . The c ons ultants now s ugges t a more c omplete robotic automation of the mak ing of muffler as s emblies and als o a reduc tion in c ontainer s iz e to four per c ontainer. Meritor implements thes e s ugges tions and the res ult is that the muffler as s embly fabric ation c ell now av erages approx imately 30 as s emblies per hour, and the c ataly tic c onv erter as s embly c ell c an now res pond to an order for a batc h of c ataly tic c onv erters in one hour. The s afety s toc k remains at 14 perc ent. How many k anban c ards are needed? (Round up your answer to the next whole num ber.) Number of k anban c ard s ets 9 Explanation: D = 30 c ataly tic c onv erters per hour L = 1 hour S = 0.140 C = 4 c ataly tic c onv erters k= DL(1 + S) C k= 30 × 1(1 + 0.140) = 8.55 or 9 Kanban c ard s ets 4 http://e z to.mhe c loud.mc gr a w- hill.c om/hm.tpx? todo=...
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