Op Man HW 3 Chapters 6 & 7

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Unformatted text preview: ing s oftware for a loc al dis tribution c ompany in Indiana. The annual fix ed c os t is $15,000 for this proc es s , direc t labor is $4.00 per pac k age, and material is $4.75 per pac k age. The s elling pric e will be $12.50 per pac k age. a. What is the break ­ev en point in units ? (Do not round interm ediate calculations. Roundup your answer to the next whole num ber.) Break ­ev en point 4,000 ± 1 units b. How muc h rev enue do we need to tak e in before break ing ev en? (Round your answer to the nearest dollar am ount.) Break ­ev en point $ 50,000 ± 1 Explanation: a. The break ev en point is where total c os t equals total rev enue. Total c os ts inc lude the fix ed c os t (FC) plus the v ariable c os t (VC) times the number of units s old (Q). (In this c as e the unit v ariable c os t is the s um of the c os t of material and the c os t of labor.) Total rev enue equals the s elling pric e (SP) times the number of units s old (Q). Solv e for the v alue of Q that s atis fies the followin...
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