Op Man HW 3 Chapters 6 & 7

Problem 6 3 omega tec hnology is s tarting produc tion

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Unformatted text preview: ve is and where learning curves are applicable. Problem 6-3 Omega Tec hnology is s tarting produc tion of a new s uperc omputer for us e in large res earc h univ ers ities . They hav e jus t c ompleted the firs t unit, whic h took 120 man­hours to produc e. Bas ed on their ex perienc e, they es timate their learning perc entage to be 87 perc ent. How many man­hours s hould they ex pec t the s ec ond unit to require to manufac ture? (Round your answer to 1 decim al place.) Ex pec ted man 104.4 ± 0.1 hours Explanation: As we mov e from the firs t to the s ec ond unit of produc tion (thus doubling output) we ex pec t the time for the s ec ond unit to be equal to the time for the firs t unit multiplied by the learning perc entage: 120 × 87% = 104.4. 3. awar d: 0.50 out of 0.50 points Problem 6-6 Laz er Tec hnologies Inc . (LTI) has produc ed a total of 20 high­power las er s y s tems that c ould be us ed to des troy any approac hing enemy mis s iles or airc raft. The 20 units hav e been produc ed, funded in part as priv ate res earc h within the res earc h and dev elopment arm of LTI, but...
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