Op Man HW 3 Chapters 6 & 7

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Unformatted text preview: g: FC + (VC × Q) = SP × Q, whic h is equiv alent to: Q = FC/(SP – VC). b. This is s imply the break ev en point in units times the unit s elling pric e. http://e z to.mhe c loud.mc gr a w- hill.c om/hm.tpx? todo= pr intvie w 7/10 1/29/2014 7. Assignme nt Pr int Vie w awar d: 0.50 out of 0.50 points Problem 7-14 AudioCables , Inc ., is c urrently manufac turing an adapter that has a v ariable c os t of $0.60 per unit and a s elling pric e of $1.20 per unit. Fix ed c os ts are $14,000. Current s ales v olume is 30,000 units . The firm c an s ubs tantially improv e the produc t quality by adding a new piec e of equipment at an additional fix ed c os t of $6,000. Variable c os ts would inc reas e to $0.75, but s ales v olume s hould jump to 50,000 units due to a higher­quality produc t. a. What is the c urrent profit and propos ed profit of the s ales of AudioCables ? (Negative am ounts should be indicated by a m inus sign.) Current profit Propos ed profit $ 4,000 $ 2,500 b. Should AudioCables buy the new equipment? No Worksheet Proble...
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