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AEM 320; NBA 560 Business Law I Fall, 2007 TOPIC OUTLINE LAW AND THE AMERICAN LEGAL SYSTEM I. Introduction - What is law? [Text at 1-13] II. What forms does law take? A. Law v. equity. B. Substantive v. procedural law. C. Criminal v. civil law. III. Sources of law. A. Natural law. B. Developed law. 1. Common law [ Trombetta ]. 2. Enacted law. C. Changing existing law [ Gallagher , Blowers, Thyroff ]. IV. American judicial system. [Text at 37-61] A. Introduction. 1. Jurisdiction. 2. Standing [ Cetacean Community ]. 3. Preemption. B. Federal court system. C. New York state court system. D. Alternative dispute resolution. V. Procedure in a typical case. A. Before a lawsuit is filed. B. Initiating litigation. C. Pre-trial activity. 1. Discovery. 2. Pre-trial motions. D. Trial. 1. Voir dire. 2. Opening statement. 3. Plaintiff's case. 4. Defendant's case. 5. Summation. 6. Jury Charge. 7. Verdict. 8. Post-trial motions. E. Judgment and appeal procedure. VI. Overview of tort law. A. Intentional torts. [Text at 115-135] B. Unintentional torts. [Text at 136-156] 1. Negligence [ Huggins, K.M., Soto, Cole ]. 2. Strict liability. C. Business torts [ White Plains ].
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CONTRACTS I. Introduction. [Text at 158-171] A. Definitions. B. Requirements for a valid contract. C. Terms. D. Types of contracts. 1. Unilateral v. bilateral. 2. Express v. implied. 3. Formal v. informal. 4. Void v. voidable. 5. Unenforceable contracts. E. Uniform Commercial Code. [Text 370-374; Appendix B (9-34)]. II.
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topic_outline_07-1 - AEM 320 NBA 560 Business Law I Fall...

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