Bio 100 chapter 13 - human population Lecture

2 if 10 individuals die in same population death rate

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Unformatted text preview: 1% Growth rate is birth rate minus death rate 2.2% - 1% = 1.2% for the previous example Both birth rates and death rates were high Both before the Industrial Revolution before Many deaths due to infectious disease Many births, but most children did not survive: Many high infant mortality high Infant mortality rates have dropped drastically Pesticide use on mosquitoes to decrease malaria Pesticide deaths deaths Immunization programs Availability of antibiotics 1. 1. When individuals in a population are evenly When spaced their dispersion is termed as: spaced a. Clumped b. Uniform c. Random d. Excessive e. Exponential Evenly spaced pepperoni 2. 2. The growth of the human population over the The past 150 years had increased primarily due to: past a. Increases in death rates b. Increases in birth rates c. Decreases in death rates d. Decreases in birth rate e. Increases in net primary production 3. 3. According to the According figure to the right, the carrying capacity for fruit flies in th...
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