Payback later immediate individual comfort zones

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Unformatted text preview: ater Immediate Individual comfort zones Thermostat of Risk Thermostat Individual variation Risk-seeking: 60% inherited/ 40% Risk-seeking: learned learned Differences in brain chemistry Risk Homeostasis Risk Reduce one risk leads to more risk Safter, bigger cars: more risky driving habits Safer skydiving: more risky jumps Low tar cigarettes: deeper longer puffs Flood levies: build closer to water Other Challenges to Rationality Risk = Probability X Consequence How do we calculate probability? What’s in the denominator? Are the statistics the same for everybody? Are the consequences the same for Are everyone? Access to accurate information Access Marketing Marketing Lobbying Lobbying Twisted statistics Marketing Fear Marketing Lobbying for Funding Lobbying Government & Interest Group “stats” “stats” ''Smoking, drinking alcohol, being out in the Smoking, sun, all of those things have risks.'— Donna sun, Donna Houghton, Crop Life Canada Houghton, “Kudos to Governor Palin for standing up to Kudos dermatologists and other members of the sun scare industry who are trying to frighten Americans away from UV light.” Indoor Ta...
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