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Unformatted text preview: teresting sites Some interesting sites Predicting future events: Intrade.com Keeping politics honest: Factcheck.org Weeding out urban legends: Hoaxbusters or snopes.com Medical information: medlinePlus (ubc access) Avoiding toxins in personal products: www.cosmeticsdatabase.com Mass Media Mass Media Increasing problems of credibility Problem 1: Sell Advertising Problem 1: Sell Advertising “The decline of broadcast journalism began in the late 60s when I worked for NBC News. The advertising dept, which had been mostly kept out of the news division during the tenure of NBC Pres Kintner, was allowed in. Ratings for news started to matter, as they ddi for entertainment. Stories were increasingly selected for the type of audience they would bring, especially women…. (Cal Thomas, Jewish World Review, 1999) Problem 2: Monopolistic Problem 2: Monopolistic "Media concentration is worse in Canada th...
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