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Whataboutthese whataboutthese

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Unformatted text preview: ore credible? How about these? How about these? What about these? What about these? Factors influencing judgments of credibility: – – – – – – – Attractiveness Height Gender Eye contact Verbal delivery Similar to self Minor, non­verifiable information We can’t detect credibility: – Interrogators do no better than chance. Experts Experts Often do not agree Often can be wrong Can lack credibility because: – Have biases and are not objective – Have motives to be less that trustworthy – We can’t judge validity or quality of expertise – May lack ability on particular issue Some Headlines Some Headlines European condoms AIDS­tainted ­ Mozambique bishop Thu 27 Sep 2008, 5:17 GMT By Charles Mangwiro MAPUTO (Reuters) ­ Th...
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