Strong positivevsnegative mediators whydoesacauseb

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Unformatted text preview: between 0 and 1) • The more/bigger/greater likelihood of A, the greater/less of/smaller of B Causal Relationships Nature: • • Weak vs. Strong Positive vs. Negative Mediators • WHY does A cause B? • A causes MEDIATOR which causes B Moderators • • Volume knobs on the A­B relationship When or what makes the A­B relationship stronger or weaker? Correlation is NOT causation Correlation Often two things show up together but they are not causing each other. Correlation is a necessary condition for causation, but not enough by itself. If A causes B then: If A and B are correlated A comes before B ***There is nothing else that explain why A and B are correlated Much “proof” is based on studies of a single group who have the same experience experience Case histories: “Users of the safe injection site had lower in...
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