Glittering generalities glittering the use of vague

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Unformatted text preview: s why our costs keep going up. It’s Inflation.” Inflation.” “I am having a lot of trouble finding a job. Its am because I’m just not very employable.” Glittering Generalities Glittering The use of vague The emotionally appealing virtues words that dispose us to approve something without closely examining the reasons. reasons. Real Ad from Real Imagine working for an exciting Imagine entrepreneurial company where employees are committed to meeting big challenges and making a real difference. That’s Rogers. A leading communications and media company where people come to do great work. Right now we are looking for talented individuals to join our winning team where you will have a chance to innovate, grow and to do what really matters. Red Herring Red An irrelevant topic is An presented to divert attention from the original issue and help to “win” an argument by shifting attention away from the argument and to another issue. "You may claim that minimum wag...
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