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Is it ethical for you to earn so much when they get

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Unformatted text preview: e is a way to "You employ more people in the economy and keep small businesses functioning– but what about people living on minimum wage? How do you think they feel? Is it ethical for you to earn so much when they get so little?” little?” "So you think its okay to lay workers off? You "So probably also think its okay to give negative performance evaluations as well!” performance Begging the Question Begging An argument in which the conclusion is An assumed in the reasoning assumed “Benefits for gay couples should not be allowed Benefits because if there wasn’t anything wrong with them they would already be getting those benefits, which they aren’t…” they “Of course total quality circles are good for business. Of If they weren’t, how could they be so beneficial to so many?” many?” “I believe this consultant is worth her weight in gold. believe The reason is simple: We’d not have hired her otherwise.” otherwise.” Reject Arguments That… Reject Attack a person Use slippery slopes Reflect a search for Reflect perfect solution perfect Appeal to common Appeal opinion opinion Appeal to questionable Appeal authority authority Appeal to emotions Attack a straw man Presents a faulty Presents dilemma dilemma Engage wishful thinking Explain by naming Divert attention from Divert issue issue Distract with glittering Distract generalities generalities Beg the question Inspired by and excerpts from Logical Fall...
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