These owners have no right to get rich on the these

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Unformatted text preview: age or images to distract readers and listeners from relevant reasons and evidence. “These owners have no right to get rich on the These broken backs of their workers!” broken “Think of the children! If you don’t support Think this strike, you are only hurting children who are our future!” “We’re being held hostage here by this union, We’re orchestrated by their very own Hitler!” orchestrated Straw Man Straw Distorting our Distorting opponent’s point of view so that it is easy to attack; thus we attack a point of view that does not truly exist. “Can you please reorganize the interview schedule?” Can “What? Again? Do I have to do it every blasted day?” “I’m a very controversial figure to the animal rights I’m movement. They no doubt view me with some measure of hostility because I am constantly challenging their fundamental premise that animals are superior to human beings.” - Rush Limbaugh Rush False Dilemma False Assuming only two Assuming alternatives when there are more than two. are “Look Dave, either we get more training for this Look department or t...
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