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Unformatted text preview: When will it stop? We won’t be able to function!” it “Recruiters aren’t allowed to start campus visits until Recruiters November. Otherwise, it will just keep moving up, next it will be October, then September and they might as well just hire our students before they join Sauder!” Sauder!” Perfect Solution Bias Perfect Falsely assuming that because part of a Falsely problem would remain after a solution is tried, the solution should not be adopted. the “I’m against these suggested changes to our benefit I’m plan. No matter which one we adopt, it’s not going to please our entire workforce. There are always going to be the disgruntled ones.” “Nothing wrong with drilling for more oil. All Nothing energy sources have risks to them….drilling, nuclear, even solar I’m sure they’ll find something wrong with that too”. “Way I figure it, improving customer service can’t Way make me a millionaire, so why should I bother?” make Appeal to Popularity An attempt to justify a claim by appealing to An sentiments that large groups of people have in common; falsely as...
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